inspired minds

We are here to represent those that fill our lives with inspired knowledge, leadership and kindness. The warriors of our world that are making cross roads and representing a life full of understanding and change.  Inspiring stories from the Ukiyo:Co family. 



INSPIRED MIND : Casa De cha Tea

Casa de cha

Casa de cha

We chat with the gorgeous couple that have developed their own unique brand of tea. They are here to give us an insight to the tea philosophy that is as unique as they are READ MORE 

Kombi life .jpg

Inspired mind : Kombi lIfe 

With a combination of amazing businesses coming together, Ukiyo:Co, Totem Road and Bondi Beach Abodes,  we created an awe inspiring competition via instagram.  You were given the opportunity to nominate a person that deserved to be spoilt, and recognised for their great work and achievements.  The gorgeous Kombi Life was nominated and awarded the amazing prize.  Read more about her : READ MORE

Inspired Mind : Totem road 

A collaboration that was written in the sand. The incredible mind behind Don Garvan , the designer and owner of Totem Road sustainable furniture. READ MORE


inspired mind : Body mind life

body mind life

We chat to the General Manager all things Yoga, Ukiyo and collaboration READ MORE