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With the initiation of Ukiyo-Co, the idea of wellness, being ethical about what we wear, and utilising nature the best way we can in our clothes, was of paramount importance.  After practising yoga for 25 years, it was important to me to create a yoga line that embed these ideals.  Ukiyo-Yoga was then born with  the concept  of aligning with like minded people, that also found these ethics  important. 

We were so honoured to be chosen to collaborate  with Body Mind Life studio. A studio with not only a beautiful space, but ideas and workshops that intensify the yogi spirit. We are grateful  to have the General Manager, Mandy Scotney, have a chat with us about the vision,


Surry Hills Studio 

Surry Hills Studio 


General Manager Mandy Scotney talks to Ukiyo on all things Ethics, Vision and the future of B:M:L


1: BodyMindLife is one of the leading and most respected yoga studios in Australia.  Can you give me an idea as to why the ethos of the studio is so special?


BodyMindLife has been around for more than 15 years and without doubt it’s the people that make it so special. Our teachers and teams are passionate about what we do and you can feel it from the moment you step through the doors. Everything at BodyMindLife is done with love - from the beautiful design of our studios to the thoughtful sequencing of our yoga flows - and we’re all here to create an experience with our students growth and transformation in mind.


2 : You have a huge following and very clear vision as to what it is you are trying to say.  Can you give me an idea of the understanding behind your vision at the studio, past , present and future.


BodyMindLife started life as a Bikram yoga studio and evolved from there. Our founder Phil Goodwin has always been interested in learning and adapting, and so BodyMindLife was one of the very first Sydney studios to offer a power Vinyasa style practice. Providing our community with a space to transform, evolve and grow has been an integral vision behind the studios.

Over the last few years we’ve been able to expand this vision further by introducing reformer Pilates, expanding our yoga teacher training, hosting some of the world’s leading yoga practitioners to run events, trainings and workshops, and opening our four studios in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, Redfern and Potts Point.

Looking to the future, we plan to expand into other locations and continue to develop our yoga teacher training programmes.

We’re lucky to have some of the best yoga and Pilates teachers from across the country and abroad, and we encourage them to continue to grow and train to teach high quality classes that are fresh and interesting.

Finally… we’re also really committed to working with technology! It’s amazing how it can be used to benefit students and our approach to wellness and wellbeing.


Teacher Mandy Alderson , wearing the " Dream Time" tights and power singlet,  available at Mind Body Life Surry Hills   @thebalancecollective

Teacher Mandy Alderson , wearing the " Dream Time" tights and power singlet,  available at Mind Body Life Surry Hills  @thebalancecollective

3: You are developing the retail sector of the studio, can you tell me why it’s important to you to have a store that is current, and that sell products that align with your ethos? And who are they, besides Ukiyo:Co  of course!

We love to support small independent labels and entrepreneurs who are using sustainable practices to create their products where possible.

All pieces we have in the retail spaces need to align with our values. So they need to have an ethical supply chain…. either made here or sourced from trusted ethical sources.

Where possible, we try to stock goods made from recycled materials… as well as products with a story that we know our community will get behind.

Some of our faves include Vanessa Megan for her beautiful, skin care range made with love, Mandala’s bolsters and meditation cushions, and Krystle Knight Jewellery and Asha Patel Jewellery.


4: You were so supportive to Ukiyo:Co, which I am so grateful for. Being a new brand it is hard to be heard in such a big market place. What made you decide to get behind the small brand and what is it that you would like to see for its future?


We  love  that Ukiyo uses up-cycled plastic to create it's fabrics and while created in Australia, draws inspiration locally and internationally in its designs.

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5:  Tell us a little about your teachers and what to expect when you come to class at Body Mind Life studios.

We select our teachers very carefully. It’s so important that our students always experience an amazing class that helps them to strengthen, stretch out and feel a sense of balance and wellbeing.

Most of our teachers have been teaching for many years and all have many, many hours of ongoing training from some of the leading master teachers out there.

There isn’t a set style or cookie-cutter approach at BodyMindLife - we have more than 450 classes on the timetable each week and every single one will be different!

Yoga and Pilates is a journey and we want to support students at all levels in their practice. For new students, we run nine-week programmes with our Yoga Essentials and Pilates Align classes that teach the key poses and basics, and for others, we offer more dynamic, playful and progressive sequences with our Open and Flow options.


Interested to try BodyMindLife ? Check out the introduction passes here.